Onceptual and historical issues in psychology. Critically evaluate the impact that scientific thought has/had in psychology

1. This question requires students to critically evaluate the impact of scientific thought on psychology. Responses to this question could include demonstrating the main facets of what constitutes a scientific discipline (e.g. the notion of an objective value free discipline that discovers facts about the world). Students need to think about what scientific status means for psychology. What does it allow it to do? In evaluating this students could consider how successful psychology is in being a science. For instance, students could draw on particular theories of science (e.g. paradigms) and apply such theories to the development and/or operation of psychology. The assumptions of a scientific discipline could be applied to psychology, namely approaches in psychology that claim to be scientific (e.g. experimental approaches), and discussed in relation to critiques of a?scientific approachesa in psychology (e.g. non-experimental approaches).
It is relevant to keep a short introduction and conclusion, and to focus majority of data in main body.