Onceptual Design and Innovation (Child Gas-Lift Chair)


1. Project Design Brief/Details
* Concept design of innovative product must be sketch or drawn for visual presentation
Conduct research on the product (user research/market research/competitor analysis) and then you will create a project a?Design Briefa?, which clearly states the problem you intend to solve (based on the Market/Use Scenarios).
The project will focus on detailed aspects of the design. Detail design means solving design problems especially in the context of the materials and manufacturing process constrains. The prior stage should have substantially solved most problems, especially in terms of functional, aesthetic, ecological and ergonomic considerations. A digitally based presentation will also be used to present the final design concept and demonstrate that the project proposal has been fully addressed

2. Product Research:
The research findings which include patent searches, user research, investigation of relevant standards, investigation and benchmarking of competitive products, market analysis, investigation of corporate image, ergonomic factors, design for environment factors, design for manufacturing factors, how it works/how it was manufactured, what materials were used, cost analysis, function analysis, and customer peeves analysis etc. The aim is to find as much relevant information about the product you are planning to design.

3. Project/Design Context:
To design a new product selected from the table below. Aesthetically it must a?fita with the existing range of the manufactureras products range. The particular product might not currently be manufactured by this client company (i.e. a Fisher Price a?A Child Gas-Lift Chaira?).
Functionally it must enable the user to perform the usual tasks of this product, but it will be used in a a?non-traditionala? / a?non-typicala? environment or user, for that type of product. Of course it must be easy to use, easy to understand how to use, cost effective to manufacture, and not injure the user or cause discomfort. And it must be designed to minimize (or eliminate!) harm to the environment.
The product must fit with the visual character/visual language and brand identity of the company you choose.

4. Methodology

A Childas Gas-Lift Chair

Client: Fisher Price School/Kindergarten/Education Furniture Market:
The client manufacturer has decided that there is an opportunity for the introduction of a childas chair which can be used in school, kindergarten or home, which can adjust in height as the child grows. You have been asked by the client to create a proposal for the development of concepts for the research and development of conceptual ideas for a childas gas-lift chair which must be durable, appeal to children and perhaps can have some educational or computing aspects associated with it.