Onceptual Entrepreneurial Business Plan

Write a full business proposal of an entrepreneurial idea, product, process or service of your choosing. You should build the plan as if you are presenting to an Angel investor or a Venture capital group. Include a strategic marketing plan, an internal SWOT analysis, competitive SWOT analysis; demonstrate a need in the market, why it is better and different and why people will buy it. Include financial prospectus of cash flows, costs, profit, employees including an organizational chart, what you will pay the employees you need, or better yet, how much an employee will cost you (think about insurance and FICA), monthly, quarterly and two years running.

1 (Part 1, Final Project)
2 Mission/Vision Objectives
3 Narrowing the Scope-
4 In this section, each student will complete the following:
1 Pick a product or service (invention) to take to market
2 Demonstrate a need
3 Identify competitors
4 Do a and internal and external (competitive) SWOT analysis
Develop mission statement, vision, and four operational objectives

(Part 2, Final Project)
Organizational Structure Building a team with disparate individuals
Franchising, purchase existing business & corporate entrepreneurship
Begin developing an org chart
Measuring performance: building a rational timeline
Sources of Funding PP
VCs and Angels PP
Crowd funding PP

(Part 3 Final Project)
Concerns with Financial Projections
Basics of Breakeven analysis
Principles of ROI
Basics of Cash flow analysis
Balance sheet basics
Costing and sourcing
Building the Business plans
Pitching for dollars
The Executive Summary