Onceptual paper on marketing of your choice

1) Select a concept that you would like to explore in greater depth.
2) Develop a library of resources in references or a similar bibliography manager so that you can build upon the topic.
3) Take this understanding and develop a research paper that builds on existing research that proposes new questions or models to be studied to advance our understanding of the topic.
4) Develop a conceptual paper with 7 pages including list of references on the last page, 1margins, left justified, 12-pt font, double spaced and incorporate atleast 10 academic sources.
5) Block quotes should be avoided and the use of quotations minimized.
6) Ensure that the paper includes introduction, body (with sub-headings), conclusion and references according to the APA format.
7) Be sure that your topic addresses the relevant issues inherent in the other 2 major areas. For example, if your concept is relatively environmental be sure to discuss related issues of sustainability and innovation, all within the bounds of leisure.

These are the exact instructions given by the professor.
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