Onceptualising online shopping behaviour in Thailand

i need to write up initial review which focuses on project design and I am expected to develop clear ideas about my proposed area of research and process involved. This paper should include the following areas
1. Initial review must be supported by a 500 words abstract summarising the nature of the research in clearly understood terms
2. Title of Thesis
3. Background to the topic (this is the context to your research and should incluse academic literature)
4. Research Questionsthe aims and objective of the research (this should take the form of a short, achievable statement(s) informing the reader of the purpose of the study)
5. Objectives of the research(These must be measurable and achievable)
6.Outline of proposed Methodology(including data collection, analysis and sampling, ethical consideration)
7. identifyhow will your research contribute to new knowledge in this field”?

NOTE THAT: I have decided to do a parallel research, as having seen from the completed one. however,it has a few differences as my study will be set in Thailand, perhaps I will choose a group of graduated student or working people by setting age range …this depend on How related relevant evidences could be found to support Why to choose this group of people (please do find if there is different points which differs from those the given two groups above, It will be ok and I am fine with any changes.