Oncerns and disadvantages of having large-scale online organisations

Essay Question

Internet giants such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook have bought many benefits to consumers, businesses and our society. They have different revenue and business models, and their pace in growth has been more spectacular than any other business. They are
extremely wealthy with market values that range from 60 a 550 $bn. However, there are also concerns that may be raised, therefore identify and discuss the disadvantages of having these large scale organisations and the threat they may pose to societyas future. You need to
consider also their conflicting self-interests and goals, together with their struggle to dominate our modern information age.

Assessment Strategy Criteria

Your mark will depend on the following assessment criteria:
a) How well you define the problem in the question and how successfully you
keep to it (are you focused?);
b) How concisely and clearly you deliver your findings that answer the chosen
question (do you have a thread in your essay?);
c) How successfully you use the literature and appropriate referencing;
d) How well you argue and explain certain issues / points;
e) How well you comment on issues raised in the chosen question.