Oncert Analysis Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs

Student Learning Outcomes
The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate mastery of the following course level outcomes:
a? Evaluate the elements of a live performance
Assignment Description
You are required to attend one live musical performance during the quarter and report on your experience. For the purposes of this class, the concert must be deemed appropriate and approved by your instructor. You will be required to write a report detailing your concert experience. You may go individually or in groups but each of you must turn in an individual report.
Concert Report
Your report should include the following elements:
a? An introduction.
o Include the names of the performers or performance group, piece(s) performed, location and description of the concert hall, audience, etc.
a? Technical description of the music.
o What period(s) was it from? What elements could you identify (i.e., rhythm, consonance/dissonance, texture, form, melodic contour, harmony, orientation, instrumentation, etc.)?
a? How does this form of music compare with others covered in the textbook?
o Discuss differences/similarities in the elements of the performance.
a? Evaluate the performance objectively,
o How did it sound? Was it in tune? Did the performance seem technically demanding? Was the conductor effective in her/his role?
a? Your response to the music.
o How did the performance make you feel? How did the performance space contribute to the performance? What did you like? What didnat you like? Why? How did the rest of the audience respond to the performance?
a? Summary/Conclusion.
o In general terms, state your reactions to this concert experience. Was this a new experience for you? Was the experience different than you expected? Was it an enjoyable experience? Would you recommend the experience to others?
a? Proof of attendance.
o Please make sure you attach your ticket stub and/or program or provide another acceptable form of proof (photograph) with your paper to receive credit for the assignment.
a? The paper should be at least 2 full pages in length in MLA format and please make sure you completely address each point listed above.
a? Minimum 2-page paper in MLA format
a? Proof of attendance