Oncert ReportHouston Grand Opera Presents The Italian Girl in Algiers”. Music by Gioacchino Rossini

The heart of the report should be your observations and discussion of the musical characteristics of the works you have
heard performed. First, note briefly the time and place of the performance, the number and type of performers, and
the content of the program.
Then, discuss each of the works on the program. They need not be treated in equal detail; you might want to
concentrate on one piece that you especially liked. Using the terms and concepts you have learned in class and in your
textbook, describe the style and principal musical characteristics of each piece. What did you find most striking and
memorable? If you liked the piece, why? If not, why not? You can answer these questions most effectively by
discussing elements such as rhythm, melody, texture, harmony, timbre, dynamics, etc. You can also discuss the ways in
which repetition, contrast, and variation create musical shape in a piece, although this may be hard to discern in a single
You may include your impressions of the performing standards and of audience reaction.
DO NOT write about the plot of the work extensively (if its an opera or dramatic work) or provide a long biography of
the composer. You may include information from the program notes or from other sources as long as you footnote
the source.
Each report could include the following:
1) Title and composer of each selection on the program
2) Genre of each piece
3) Style of each selection
4) Date of composition
5) Performers
6) Any characteristic or unusual sounds in the music
7) Your personal understanding of the music and your reaction to the work and its performance
8) The sources of information used for this report if any.
You will be graded on writing style and grammar as well as musical content.
You reports should be about 5-7 pages long, typed and double-spaced.