Oncerted addition to pi bonds, Elimination Reactions

In the attachment, theres a file that provide the answers (Answers to chapter 11 and 12) for the questions but unfortunately, some of them are wrong. Please make the right answer based on the following number. You dont have to answer anything else other than the following instructions. The answers attachment will help you.

Ch 11.3 wrong answer (think about stereochemistry of the starting alkene)
Ch 11.7 wrong answer for box 1 and 3
Ch 11.9 wrong answer for box 1 (arrow to depict the leaving group) and box 4 and Ch 11.10 wrong answer for box 2 (show lone pairs and charges)
Ch 11.15 select the two new sigma bonds
Ch 11.17wrong answer for box 1
Ch 11.18wrong answer
Ch 11.20 wrong answer for both box
Ch 11.21 wrong answer for the product in box 2
Ch 11.22should be more than one answer (select all the possible answer)
Ch 12.2 the answer is all wrong
Ch 12.3 wrong answer for box 1 and 3 (show all lone pairs and charge)
Ch 12.5 wrong answer
Ch 12.6 wrong answer for box 3,4 and 5
Ch 12.7 wrong answer for both
Ch 12.8 wrong answer for box 2
Ch 12.9 wrong answer for box 1 and 2