Onclusion and Recommendation for report evaluate 3 e-business website

You are required to write a Conclusion and Recommendation for 1,000 words (4 pages) according the report attached to this order.

Please read the whole report which is about evaluation of 3 e-business websites: baskinrobbins.com, maggiemoos.com and benjerry.com.

The conclusion should flow from prior argument and discussion mentioned in the main report. The recommendation must cover the weaknesses identified in the target website. Additional thoughts and ideas sourced from the literature to support your conclusions will make them more profound. These must be fully Harvard referenced.

The report must address the academic principles which you intend to apply to your company need to be critically evaluated by reference to appropriate literature (text books, journals, articles in the press). These must be referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please be informed quotation is not allowed to be used in the report. However, paraphrasing or summarizing the theory or otheras idea from the sources, then acknowledging the original author and provide the proper citation/reference is accepted. Wikipedia is not allowed to be used as a reference in this report. Besides, the report must address a systematic evaluation of the 3 websites against the academic principles.

Marking criteria
1. Application of business theory to construct appropriate frameworks
2. Identification of useful concepts and scenarios
3. Evaluation of e-Business approaches chosen by selected company
4. Depth and breadth of analysis
5. Clarity and cohesion of conclusions
6. Quality and justification of recommendations
7. Presentation, style, and adequate referencing