Oncussions in the NFL, an its affect on current and retired NFL Players

Research Proposal
Your proposal should be typed and double spaced. It should contain the following sections and content

*Describe the purpose of your study in a nutshell. For example, a?This study will examine the relationship between carrot intake and heart disease.a?

*Explain why you want to do this study

*State your hypothesis

*Describe some previous research that led you to make this hypothesis. Background research can be from the book or the research articles you summarized. For example, a?Previous research indicates that low fat diets decrease the risk for heart disease.a?

2. Methods
*Describe your proposed participants. How many? How old? What ethnicity? What gender? How will you recruit them? What will you ask them to do? What assessments/measurements will you use?

3. Results
*What results would support your hypothesis. Why?

*What are the big picture implications of your study? What are the good points and bad points about it?