Onditional Love: The Advantages of Arranged Marriage (in Turkey, China, India)

Please, write a 3-page paper addressing the issue of arranged marriage following the APA academic standard. Approach the paper analytically weighing the pros and cons of the institution and offering an opinion in the conclusion.

I. Introduction:
i · Arranged marriage vs. love matches i · Must include a thesis statement
II. Turkey III. India IV. China

V. Conclusion:
i · Implications for westernized countries i · The future of arranged marriage:
Will the institution exist in 50 years?

i § The paper must include a minimum of nine references (three per country) listed at the end of the paper and in-text citations + references can be used also from the internet.
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Nine references must include a link (i.e., stable URL) to the original article on JSTOR.

i § Font: Times New Roman, 12-point and double-spaced.

i § Use section headings (above): Times New Roman, 14-point, Bold

i § Use title (above): Times New Roman, 16-point, Bold

i · Colloquialisms i · Redundancy i · ClichA©s i · pretentiousness and grandiosity i · poison words (people, person, thing, how, why, very) i · confusions i · imprecisions i · incautious language i · overuse of personal pronouns i · xenologisms