Onduct a critical examination and discussion of the Marketing-Entrepreneurship interface

a?Small firms in the UK are good at product innovation and invention but less good at getting these to market. Generally UK small firms are strong on creativity and innovation but weak on marketing competences. Hence a better understanding of appropriate marketing by small firms, especially entrepreneurial innovation driven start-up companies, is important not only to them but to the nation as a wholea?. (Day and Reynolds, 2011, page 6).

Critically examine and discuss the above statement in relation to the marketing a entrepreneurship interface and the use of a?Entrepreneurial Marketinga by small firms in the start-up phase of a new entrepreneurial venture. Use a specific start-up of your choice as a vehicle for the critical examination and discussion.


a? Demonstrating and employing your knowledge of entrepreneurship and your entrepreneurial skills developed on the course within the assignment. (Up to 5 marks)

a? Critically examines the conventional marketing orthodoxy, as set out in the standard texts, journal literature and taught at educational institutions, and critically evaluates and discusses its applicability to the small firm specifically. (Up to 6 marks)

a? Proposes and critically evaluates some alternative marketing approaches or at least attempts to adapt existing orthodoxy and conventional wisdom to try and achieve a better fit between the specific needs of the smaller firm and more applicable marketing approaches. (Up to 6 marks)

a? Investigates and critically discusses the marketing a entrepreneurship interface and the interaction of both of these subjects in relation to small firm start-up ventures. (Up to 4 marks)

a? Makes use of relevant conceptual models and analytical frameworks. (Up to 4 marks)

a? Demonstrates criticality of thinking, analysis and discussion throughout the report. (Up to 6 marks)

a? Critically explains how the work is to make a contribution to the improvement of the future marketing performance of small firms. (Up to 4 marks)

a? Critically examine and discuss the specific statement given in the question. (Up to 4 marks)

a? Use a start-up idea of your choice as a vehicle for critical discussion. (Up to 4 marks)

a? Write in report format and produce a report of professional quality in terms of content, structure and standard of presentation. (Up to 7 marks)

Total 50 marks

Your work must be presented in a report format style. As an academic piece of work you are expected to link theory and practice. Make full use of the academic and other literature to support the points made. Give a critical discussion and evaluation of the different positions held in the literature evidence. You should take care to ensure that the work you submit has a high standard of structure and presentation.

Work must be in Report format