Onduct a research on urban planning in Manila, Philippine

Directions for your Final Project a Urban Planning
Manila, Philippine
As part of the requirements for this course you will conduct research on urban planning in the cityManila, Philippine
Find out about urban planning, housing, public transportation, recycling, and other efforts to Go green.
Your project should cover the following aspects of the city:
1. Basic information about the city population, literacy, employment, average annual income.
2. What challenges does your city face?
3. What is being done to address these challenges?
4. Detail some aspects of urban planning: public housing, public transportation, public parks, recycling efforts, and other aspects of Going green.
5. What does the future hold for this city?

o You must use information from at least 4 sources. The internet is plagued with bad, misleading and incorrect information. Please stay away from .com sources and try to find .org, .edu, and .gov sources. Of your four sources, only one should be .com.
o You must include a reference of cited works. Citation should be complete and in
an accepted bibliographic format.This is the correct bibliographical format:

Maletsky, C., 1998. Govt planning to criminise gays. The Namibian [online] November 8, 1998. Available from: gaycrime.html
[cited 12 March 2012].