Onduct an experiment and Violate a folkway

For this assignment you will have the opportunity to conduct an experiment, or quasi-experiment, in order to explore deviance in our society. As we learned this week, deviance is simply, a?the recognized violation of cultural normsa? (Macionis, 2009 pg. 176). Cultural norms are behaviors and expectations for a group and fall into three categories: folkways, mores, and laws. For this assignment you will explore societyas reaction to a folkway violation. You will then utilize the textbook and online materials in order to write a two page essay on the deviant (not criminal) experience.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide for completing this paper:

1. First, review the sections on Research Ethics and the subsection on Testing a Hypothesis under the section Research Methods in chapter one of your text in order to familiarize yourself with sociological experiments. Then, begin this assignment by choosing a folkway to violate. Examples include (and there are many folkways to choose from): wearing the other genderas clothing, speaking a foreign language to an English speaker, sitting with a stranger at a restaurant, and eating dinner with your hands. Be sure to ask your facilitator if you are unsure if the norm you choose to violate is appropriate for this assignment. Here are some examples of norm violations for you to watch: or notes. Be sure to note how you feel when you violate the norm, as well as other peopleas reactions to the violation. If you do not receive adequate data (reactions) in one situation, try it again in another.

3. Write an organized essay that explores the norm you violated, how you felt while being deviant, and the reactions you received while you were violating the norm. You should then analyze the experience, including the theories of deviance presented in the text. Your paper should also include an introduction with a thesis and a conclusion that reviews all main points you present.
Remember to use APA format for the essay style as well as in-text citations and when listing the references.

Notes from the professor:

As the instructions indicate, you are to conduct an experiment. You decide on how youre going to be deviant. You then carry out that behavior, and take notes on others reactions. This should be an interesting assignment for you.

There are some items to keep in mind, though:

1. This must be a recent act of deviance, not something from the past.

2. Be careful in your deviance. Do not be deviant in any way where you would risk harm to yourself or others, or to be caught up in legal trouble. Be smart about this.

It is very important that you violate a folkway and not a more or law for this assignment. A folkway is a norm that is important to members of society, but is not a rule of behavior that is considered essential for society to run smoothly. Violating a folkway will cause surprise but not serious consequences. Mores, on the other hand, have a great deal of moral significance and are considered essential for society (many times a more is considered a Taboo”). For more information on folkways, mores, norms, and laws, please see the readings for this week.

Above all, do not engage in any behavior which may be dangerous (such as talking on a cell phone while driving or yelling fire in a movie theater or public place. Definitely do not do anything out of the ordinary in an airport, government building, etc.).

Some examples from the instructions include wearing the opposite genders clothing, speaking a foreign language to an English speaker, or eating without utensils.

Others that work well are: talking to yourself while walking down a crowded sidewalk, texting while having dinner with friends/family, and wearing strange clothes to the dinner table with your family or friends.

It is very important that you are respectful of others while conducting this experiment as you do not want to incite alarm, or cause an upsetting reaction that could be risky for yourself or those around you.

I recommend that for this assignment, you choose to violate a folkway around your friends or family, or in the workplace (with your bossas permission!). Youall have a good gauge of their reactions because you are already familiar with them.

Be sure to include all of the following:
Presents an organized paper that meets the assignmentas criteria.

Provides documentation of norm violation.

Integrated personal views on the main issue.

Related norm violation experience to the concepts and theories discussed in the textbook and/or outside resources.

Used correct grammar, spelling, and APA format throughout assignment.