Onduct an overview of the refference material ( source) currently available and carry out its critics.

The title of the dissertation is Georgian Media. ( Georgia republic, not Georgia part of USA ) Georgia, capital city : tbilisi

In the disertation I am going to launch the project as follows: I need to create the web portal with the main target of Georgian people. Web portal will have live streaming, every day news and different programs.

The idea of the dissertation will be: how the marketing will be used to identify what type of media product ( tv programs, talk shows, political investigations ecs) is most adoptable to the current Georgian media tastes.

Before I get to this stage , need to write 3 000 words literature reviw in this sense with the instructions listed below:

Give overview what is available analyssing different researches and ect on Georgian media

Anailses of specific Georgian media ( newspapers, Journals ecs.)

Limitations and benefits of it

How can marketing can be contributed towards developing on effective media platform proposition and content.

How marketing is used in general for developing the media product to meet costumers requirements

Analyses and discussion on georgian media evidence , which are available.

Sources to be used. I am sure there are more sources available