Onduct qualitative coding analysis & results write-up on 6 interview transcripts regarding Six Sigma Quality Management

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MAIN ISSUE: I have 6 interview transcripts from 6 different restaurant managers Ive interviewed. They used a toolkit matrix that I developed, and I did a before & after interview with each of 6 restaurants. So basically, each transcript integrates the before and after sections into 1 transcript.

1) You must briefly explain which coding method you conducted for this and why its the best way (with citations). I previously hired a writer to do this analysis but she didnt know how to do interview coding analysis. As a result, you need to do coding analysis of the 6 transcripts via methods such as open coding, axial coding, thematic analysis etc. Im not an expert so I dont have a preference on which method just as long as it comes up with professional analysis results, not just direct summary of interview extracts/quotations!!!

2) Coding analysis should include tables, diagrams etc when necessary

3) When analyzing, the 6 restaurants should be split into 2 categories. Restaurants A, D and E are Wait Times Projectcategory whilst Restaurants B, C and F are “Kitchen Managementcategory.

3) After coding is analyzed, you must write-up any patterns or findings. My previous writer did it the wrong way initially by only summarizing interview quotes which is not adequate at all, nonetheless I do agree with her findings directions. Im also sending this file later as reference, so try to make your analysis fit into her overall conclusions.

This is highly urgent and must be done in 48 hours MAXIMUM WITH NO EXCEPTIONS OR DELAYS (or sooner if possible).