Onducting an Organizational Diversity Audit

Your job as a consultant and auditor is to determine
what the selected firm is doing to increase the understanding of similarities and
differences in their workforce, create an inclusive workplace, as well as what they are
doing to improve communication and teamwork among their diverse employees
(locally and globally). As a consultant team, you may take the following steps to
serve as a group of experts for completing this project on organizational diversity
? Determine which type of an organization, institution or department you would
like to audit. It is best if this institution or organization is a medium-sized firm or
has about 500 to 1,000 (or more) employees. Get an agreement from an employee,
an official, or a manager who is willing to cooperate with you on this research
during the allotted time. If you cannot speak with current or retired employees of
this firm, then finalize your audits based on publicly available information about
this organization.
? As a team, conduct as much research about this firm as possible before officially
meeting with anyone in the firm about the actual project. Use the firmsi?? website
and their competitorsi?? websites to find the best practices in the industry. You can
look at their published reports and training manuals. In addition, you can find
material from secondary sources online or at the local library.
? Prepare your interview questions and survey instrument for your primary
research. Conduct the interview and visit (or distribute the surveys as per your
HRM 4300 Managing Workforce Diversity
Syllabus i?? Online
plan). Analyze your findings and debrief. Find more information as needed or
according to any existing gaps.
? Determine your established assessment and evaluation criteria for assessing the
diversity of this organization or institution (regarding understanding of
similarities and differences, creating an inclusive workplace, as well as
enhancing communication and teamwork in a diverse workplace). Be objective to
determine if this organization should receive a grade of A (excellent), B (good), C
(satisfactory or average), or D (below standard) for their organizational diversity
audit when evaluated with the established criteria and compared with competitors
in the industry. Provide sufficient reasons for your grading of this organization
and support it with objective information.
? Prepare your final professional report and recommendations in the following
format or sub-headings:
1. Introduction. Introduce the diversity audit project and organization.
2. Diversity Auditing Literature. Explain the importance of doing organizational
audits and its necessity for diversity management.
3. Methodology. Discuss how you conducted the audit and your assessment.
4. Findings and Results. Provide your findings and analysis. Discuss in detail
and provide actual observations and statements gathered in the research.
5. Conclusions. Offer suggestions as a mentor (coach or consultant) that helps
this organization to have i??an inclusive work environmenti?? for better
communication and teamwork in a diverse workplace.
Prepare a Word document (about 8-10 pages) using the American Psychological
Association (APA) guidelines for the formatting and referencing of the report.