Onducting SWOT analysis of Emmanuel Medical Center: Goal development and action planning

Identify elements of a successful SWOT analysis and explore goal development as it relates to creating action plans in core strategic planning areas related to healthcare. Readings: SWOT analysis background article. Essentials of strategic Planning in Healthcare: chapter 5, pp. 91-96.Recommended textbook: Essentials of strategic Planning in Healthcare. Author; Jeffrey P. Harrison. Strategic Plan Design. Goal: Institution level goals that address broad strategic issues defined by the leadership such as growth, quality, patient satisfaction, physician alignment, financial health, etc. (1) Grow volumes (2) improve patient satisfaction. OBJECTIVES: Program-specific high level action items that address system level goals such as increase brand awareness, promote secondary market, increase technology utilization, etc. increase market share, (2) improve care process. INITIATIVE: Focused action items that meet a defined objective such as implement 24/7 patient information hotline, launch media campaign to promote service, develop internal processes, etc. (1) Specialist consult Hotline (2)Patient Flow Assessment.