Onference and Events Management Reflective report on log book entries.

This is a reflective report based on Order # 841944 on Log book entries.
You are required to produce an individual written report of 2000 words. Your report should make use of headings, sub-headings, tables, graphs and charts if necessary. There should be a clear introduction, conclusion and recommendations. You will also need to include a bibliography and you must ensure that you have referenced your work using the Harvard conventions.

Your report will be a review and evaluation of the processes involved in the planning of a conference or event you had an active role in. Refer to your logbook from assignment 1. Your report must include:

1.An in-depth review and evaluation of the conference or event: your evaluation appraisal must be conducted during the event at predetermined milestones and after the event has taken place.

2.An analysis of the results must be included along with the refinements needed to ensure that the next event is more successful.

3.Your report must include application of the theory to your workplace event; evaluation and analysis and critical thinking must be evident.

Review and evaluate the processes involved in the planning of a conference and event. (4)


This module will call for the successful student to:
Analysis and Evaluate: analyse a range of information relating to strategic planning and processes (5)
Application: identify key elements of strategic planning and choose the appropriate methods to formulate a conference/event.(6)
Ethical Issues: is aware corporate social responsibility implications (7)
topic on :
sales, making profit, customer satisfaction,staffing,venue, security,objective and achievement,what did you learn from the event, recommendation on events and conference, quality management,health and safety,personal ethics and CSR.

Minimum 3 books and 3 websites
Harvard Referencing