Onference and Exhibition Management: Analysis of an Exhibition


I need the following:

Project Overview: Students are to research, conceptualize and market an event from the given request for proposal.

Individual essay: Maximum word count: 1a500 +/10%.

Part one. Essay. (maximum word count 1a500)
A solution should, but is not limited to,

a? Give an in-depth analysis of one of the exhibitions stakeholders.

o An introduction including: (20%).
a? An outline of your essay.
a? An outline of all the stakeholders and their relationships with the exhibition (this may be a diagram).
o The Stakeholder analysis (80%).
a? With ONE of the stakeholders evaluate the relationship with the exhibition (what is the exchange between the two?).
This should be justified with links to academic literature and may give examples of the relationships from other exhibitions / events.

The choice and work should be done on the following exhibition:

Choice of exhibition: a?International Paris Air Showa?


Book used for this course is: Marketing Destinations and Venus for conferences, Conventions and Business Events
by Rob Davidson and Tony Rogers.

Please let me know if I can assist any further.