Onference and Exhibition management MICE marketing research and marketing communicates by a destination management organization

Dear Writer,

Please find, organise and assess information related to one MICE venue related to one MICE market. The report will be written from the point of view of the Convention and Visitors Bureau or Destination Management organisation (DMO) of your choice. Information about MICE can be found in the literature related to events, websites, databases, articles or reports. Theoretical information about Convention and visitors bureau (CVB) marketing plans with a focus on marketing communications for destinations. Please use a sufficient amount of graphs to illistrate the work presented.

Please analyse the demand of one market which the Convention and visitors bureau targets and will design a plan to achieve realistic marketing results. Identify and analyse the demand and key trends within the meetings industry and create marketing plans, including action and media plans, for an effective marketing strategy for exhibitions and venues.

Please read the project outline carefully, the essay should contain 4 main body parts.
1. Introduction: Introduce the MICE product offered by the destination and its CVB/ DMO (no longer than 75 words)

2. Compare and contrast the growth potential of 2 source markets which could be targeted by the CVB The geographic origin of MICE demand is the area of research. Students identify the factors which determine demand and evaluate the characteristics of 2 potential source markets; they decide which of the 2 markets offers the best potential of growth for the destination. The targeted market can be a country, a region or a city; a domestic market can be selected. The PESTEL analysis of the potential markets provides elements to evaluate which market is more likely to produce guests. Data related to the business already generated on the destination by existing demand and its trends are also relevant. Data must be interpreted and the use of graphs in the report is encouraged to support a comparative analysis. The next tasks concentrate on the Best marketidentified in this section.

3. Evaluate the types of MICE demand that the market under research can generate for the venueIdentify and assess the main kinds of MICE demand and the direct and indirect buyers (PCOs etc) in the selected market; they consider to which extend the features of the destination can satisfy the clients needs. They debate the types of events that the CV wants to attract from this market; is the targeted market more likley to generate product launches, medical association meetings or incentives (etc) for the destination?

4. Design a marketing communications plan to achieve prioritised objectives in the selected marketThe plan includes max. 6 actions; at least one action must be in each of the 3 traditional categories of promotion, public relations and advertising. Which are part of the integrated marketing communication tools
Students detail the conceptualisation of one of the actions of the plan by considering the following aspects:
Why is the action being held, who are the steak holders of the action,when and where will the action be planned and most importantly what is the content and the expected impact of the action. The students should conclude this section with a short reflective statement expressing how this research was carried out.