Onfidential Organizational Information and Employee Responsibility

Week 5 Assignment
Confidential Organizational Information and Employee Responsibility
As an employee, you are often required to sign confidentiality agreements when beginning work at a new company. You may also be required to sign a contract in which you waive the rights to any systems or products created while working for a company. When you log in to the companyas systems, you may see notices that remind you that the information on the system is proprietary and the legal policies related to the release or dissemination of that information.
For this Assignment, conduct Internet research on a company that has experienced a breach of security of its customersa information. Then, suppose you are working for a company and have access to confidential information as well as the companyas intellectual property.
Submit by Day 7 a 1,000to 1,200-word paper addressing the following:
Describe the security breach of customeras information at the company you researched. Explain how the lessons learned may apply to other companies, both large and small. Put special emphasis on how such a security breach can affect small companies, such as a carwash. In your explanation, be sure to recommend preventive measures that can be taken to avoid such breaches. Justify your recommendations.
Explain the steps/measures you can take to fulfill your role and responsibilities to protect the confidential information of your company. How are these steps/measures unique to IT employees?
Note: Refer to the Assignment Template in the Learning Resources.

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