assignment needs to have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion, it must be typed in ariel font and size 12. I must have a primary refence list of between 5-8 from a variety of sources. this assignment is confidentiality in professional practice (NURSING). THE REFERENCES ARE TO BE NO OLDER THAN TEN YEARS. i am sending 10 refences that i have already looked at.
1. Beech, M., 2007. Confidentiality in healthcare, conflicting legal and ethical issues. nursing standard [online] 2005 31 Jan., 21 (21), p 42-46 Available at uk/journals
6.Hek, G., and Moule, P. Ethical issues in confidentaility and anonymity. in Hek, G., and Moule, P. Making sense of research. 3rd ed. London, Sage publications Ltd.
7.Hendrick, J. (2001). Confidentiality and medical records. in Hendrick, J. Law and ethical issues and healthcare. Cheltenham, Nelson thornes Ltd.
8. Nursing and Midwifery council. (2004). The NMC code of conduct of professional conduct confidential information (clause 5.1).
9. Okon-Ironbar, N. (2002). Confidentiality and information in care. In Okan-Ironbar, N. A pathway to nvqs in care an underpinning knowledge. Wiltshire, Mark Allen publishing Ltd.
10. Walsh, M., (2005). The focus of nursing.In Walsh, M.,ed.In Clinical nursing and related siences. 6th ed. London, Elsevierhealth Ltd.

these are a list that i have drawn up if there are others then please use them but i do need the source and full reference title and lists. this assignment can be NO MORE THAN 750 WORDS THIS IS IMPORTANT I DO NOT EXCEED IT.
Harvard style with citing work and the use of online nursing journals fully referenced.