Onflice Management within the Program (SLP)

SLP: Third Part

As long as there are people in a setting, there will be conflict. There are many types and many solutions. The most important point about conflict is that if it goes unresolved, it will impact the success of an organization or program. Using information from the module readings and your interviewee as well as from your own research, please respond to the following questions.

1) Describe some of the conflicts that the program has experienced. (Were there more at the programs inception or at some other stage of the program?)

2) Identify what type of conflict this is.

3) Discuss the impact of this conflict on the programs effectiveness. (Were there any negative patient outcomes?)

4) Describe the steps that were taken to end the conflict.

5) What was the end result was it resolved? If not, what has happened to those in the program who were involved in the conflict?

Required Reading

Required Readings:

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Hello Mike: This professor is a difficult and I did not agreed with her last grade of a C for the paper. I will enclose her comments. I withdrew from her class once before because i believe that she unfair when it comes to me. thanks for doing your best. I just want her class to be over with. I appreciate all of your hard work which you do on my papers.

Have a wonderful day.

Professor Comments:

The issues prompting the creation of CARE are very nicely presented.

In describing the program, mission statements and description are provided. The actual program, its contents, etc. are not. The reader has no idea as to what is provided regarding interventions, curriculum, etc.

The nicely described factors promoting the development of CARE are not addressed in question 3. It is stated that the program will mitigate the causative factors; yet, data supporting its effectiveness regarding each of them are not

As program manager, it is stated that competencies should be addressed. Yet later in your papers it is stated that competencies are the least of the issues to be considered. This is a contradiction here.

Joanne, are any of the Lessons learned in this module applicable to your current work environment. Residential care is probably not; however, are the program elements replicable in your job?

Do you see relevance with this assignment and future module of this course? As the readings have probably not been done, are the module topics related to this one?

The above are intended to increase thinking about the subject matter and are not considered in your grade.

Your work can be improved by adhering specifically to each assignment questions.I encourage that you contact me if they re unclear. Be sure to contact me with any questions/concerns you may have during this course.

Dr. Eileen Ringerman