Onflict Analysis (Please check instructions for the full topic)

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Conflict Resolution Academic Essay 2500 words

Research Area: Politics International Relations

Subject: Conflict Resolution

Topic: Analyse a conflict of your choice since the end of the Cold War, identifying the main parties (direct and indirect actors) and issues, explaining the conflict and relating it to its social or international context. Identify which parties or factors (if any) are capable of bringing change to the situation and explain how these factors have evolved over the life-cycle of the conflict.

The conflict that must be analysed should be the Cyprus conflict, the conflict between the greek cypriots and the turkish cypriots.

When it comes to identify which parties or factors (if any) are capable of bringing change to the situation you may consider as one factor among the many that exist, the recent discoveries of oil and gas in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus.

This essay is about conflict analysis and conflict mapping! Please note that some guidance and examples of conflict analysis and conflict mapping may be found below on the recommended general reading list including a guidance of how to write a conflict analysis.

Please remain impartial and neutral exploring all the elements in the Cyprus conflict!

Please use headlines for the conflict analysis.

Check Wehrs conflict mapping guide [inRamsbotham, Woodhouse and Miall, Contemporary Conflict Resolution,2011, 89-93 ( 2nd edn p74-76)] when you will be doing the conflict mapping.

Please Incorporate in this assessment some of the theories of Galtung, Azar and Lederach some of these theories may apply in the Cyprus Conflict. [Azaras theory of protracted social conflicts, Galtungas theory of conflict and structural violence,Lederachas approach to conflict transformation]

This essay must demonstrate a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of major concepts and theories with evidence of a clear understanding of the limits of knowledge. It must provide a critical analysis and a convincing argument provide evidence of a thorough awareness of the pertinent issues relevant to the study. A wide range of the appropriate literature must be used effectively.

Referencing: Oxford OSCOLA and Footnotes

Language style: English UK

Please refer to a wide range of sources: books, academic journal articles (from academic journals), reportsa¦

Minimum Number of Academic References Footnotes: 28-30 (most of these must be from books, and academic journal articles).

VERRY IMPORTANT: For each reference/footnote that you will use on the essay you must include the NUMBER of the relevant pages to show which pages you are referencing from each footnote.

Please include an adequate references list at the end of the essay and use OSCOLA for writing the bibliography. Please note that in the reference list you will need to add only the sources that you have used in the footnotes. Do not add any sources that you have not used in the essay.

Please note that you must make a research about the cyprus conflict and you must based your research mainly from academic sources like books and journal articles.

Some general Sources in conflict analysis that might be of use:

Core Reading:
Griffiths A & C. Barnes, Powers of Persuasion: Incentives,Sanctions and Conditionality in Peacemaking Accord Series, , Issue 19 2008 [available online] Conciliation Resources /pdf
(2) Mickey, Robert W. and Adam Smith Albion, 1993. Ethnic Relations in the Republic of Macedonia, in Ian Cuthbertson and Jane Liebowitz, eds, Minorities: The New Europeas Old Issue. Prague: Institute for East-West Studies.a?

Development agency frameworks on conflict analysis:

DFID Conducting Conflict Assessments: Guidance Notes /uk/pubs/files/conflict-assessguidance.pdf
World Bank Conflict Analysis Framework /siteresources.worldbank.org/INTCPR/2145781111751313696/20480168/CPR+5+final+legal.pdf
Suggested reading on contemporary conflicts and conflict trends:
Contemporary Conflict Resolution, Chapter 3a?Themner L and Wallensteen P., a?Armed Conflict 1946-2010a, Journal of Peace Research, 48, 4, 525-536.

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