Onflict and Effects on Economic Development

Research Sketch #1: Small-n Neo-positivist Research

For your first sketch, you will write up to 15 (double-spaced) pages (***5-7 of these pages will include everything except section II, your literature review; part II refers to the literature review you have already done and will build on and update for this sketch. This is why you have up to 15 pages for this assignment) describing a detailed plan to conduct your research appropriate to this methodological perspective. Below, I have outlined what you will be expected to address for each of your sketches:

I. Research Question or Puzzle.
a. What is the event or state of affairs that you are seeking to explain or understand (the puzzle)?
II. Broader Scholarly Discussion
a. What broader scholarly debates or interests does the research question address? In other words, how does your question help contribute to these debates/interests?
b. Have you identified theoretical perspectives, schools of thought, conceptual approaches, etc. that are pertinent to the specific research question?
c. What literatures are reviewed and used to build the scholarly context for your topic and question?
III. Conceptualization
a. What are the key concepts and how are you conceptualizing these central concepts?
IV. Variables and Operationalization
a. What is the dependent variable? What are the proposed independent variables? How are these variables operationalized?
b. What are the hypothesized relationships between the IVs and the DV?
V. Case Selection
a. What case selection criteria were used? How many cases are selected for analysis?
b. Are the cases comparable? Are the cases representative of a larger set of cases or phenomena?
c. What is the time period for analysis? Is the case selection process biased?
VI. Methodology for Data Collection and Analysis
a. State clearly the method(s) to be utilized. Are the methods appropriate given the research question, the philosophical approach, the cases or objects of study, and the data
b. What are the specific strategies for comparison and analysis?
c. What are the data sources you will be using?

Finally, in a concluding statement you should be sure to also state, specifically, how you will meet the criteria of validity and reliability for your proposed research