Onflict between Natural Law and Man Made Law

Each research paper will be typed, doublespaced, a minimum of five (5) seven (7) pages in length and in accordance with APSA style guide. A 150 word abstract is to be provided following the title page of the research paper. At a minimum the research paper will include:
1. An overview of the students understanding of the natural law paradox as presented in the play Antigone by Sophocles.
2. An examination of how the paper contributes to an improved understanding of political thought.
3. A minimum of forty-five (45) references are considered appropriate for a paper of this length. The reference page, title page, and abstract ARE NOT included in the twelve (12) fifteen (15) page minimum requirement

The topic for the research paper is the conflict between  natural law and  man-made law as presented in the Greek play ANTIGONE by Sophocles. During the reading of the play, keep a diary on your assigned character (either Antigone or Creon) and record the quotes and incidents that reveal that character s feelings about the law and include them in your paper. Follow your character as he/she makes decisions that result in tragedy. Is your character a hero? What do you determine civil disobedience to be? RESEARCH PAPERS ARE DUE ON 26 November

Research Paper Resources:
I recommend the below sources for use in developing/writing your papers
a. A Rulebook for Arguments 3rd ed. by Anthony Weston, Hackett Publishing, Cambridge,2000
b. The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing by Michael Harvey, Hackett Publishing, Cambridge, 2003
c. Writing with Sources by Gordan Harvey, Hackett Publishing, Cambridge, 1998.
d. research.html