Onflict Between Nature and Puritan Ideology in Anne Bradstreets poems

General Suggestions: You can approach your paper from a thematic point-of-view and show how several different texts demonstrate a common theme. You can also approach your paper as a compare/contrast project, perhaps showing how two different texts and/or authors treat the same issue in different ways. You can also use a focused, analytical approach where you offer a close-reading of a particular text and explore in detail the nuances that make it successful, pleasing, or evocative.


Through her frequent juxtaposition of images of earthly pleasure with the language of salvation, Anne Bradstreet exposes the vulnerability of an ideology that separates the flesh from the spirit. There is a certain conflict inherent in her use of nature as evidence of a bountiful God while simultaneously cautioning the reader not to enjoy nature s beauty too much.

**** Using her poetry [I would start with  Contemplations ] examine this conflict between nature and puritan ideology.

Poems to use:
 The Flesh and the Spirit
 The Prologue

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