Onflict in Macedonia ( internal conflict between government and albanian minority 2001)

The case study, presented as an essay, will examine the conflict in Macedonia between government and albanian minority there.
The case study is an in-depth examination of a major armed conflict which takes place at an intra-state level or an interstate level or both, and to which significant efforts have been directed to resolve it. We are looking for a critical examination (searching, balanced, objective, reflective) of the following elements of the conflict and its (ongoing, successful or failed) resolution:
a) the origins and principal causes of the conflict,
b) the main, direct participants in the conflict,
c) the indirect participants in the conflict
d) its attempted resolution, and the nature of the conflict resolution process in this case
e)an assessment of the relative success or failure of the conflict resolution process to achieve its objectives,
f) an attempt to explain why conflict resolution succeeded, failed or is still ongoing.
As in all essays, a bibliography in a consistent style of presentation are required.
P.s A slight siding with minority must be noticeable.
Style: Harvard, Case study in essay form.
Any relevant reference books and internet.