Essay #1. Conflict Management

For each question write 1.5-2 pages double-spaced. Each question is worth 25 points. For each question you must demonstrate: 1. knowledge of the relevant terminology, theories and principles (10 points); 2. knowledge of the cases (10 points); and 3. thoughtful opinions (5 points). Each answer must reflect knowledge gained from the readings and class discussions, guest lecturers and videos.

Cite readings in parentheses in the text of your answer. No page numbers are necessary.

1. What is culture (5 points) and how does culture count in conflict resolution? (10 points) What are some of the differences in how people mediate/negotiate in different cultures? (10 points).

2. Compare and contrast two conflicts weave discussed in class as they relate to the readings and our discussions about how culture counts in conflict resolution. Each case is worth 12.5 points.

3. Douglas Fry argues that (1) warfare was a rare anomaly through most of prehistory; (2) warfare is not an evolutionary adaptation; (3) humans have the capacity to replace the institution of war with international conflict resolution procedures that can assure effective dispute resolution, human rights protection, and security for the people of the world. Devote two-thirds of the essay to outline the main evidence that Fry presents to support what he argues (15 points) and explain your own response to this evidence that you highlight in the first part of your essay (15 points). In the last one-third of the essay write about what you consider to be feasible ways, if any, that citizens and political leaders can create culture change locally and globally (15 points). Five points will be for your writing style.

4. Apply Frys arguments to what you have learned from student-led discussions. Refer to two of the cases students have presented in class. Use different cases than you cover in question #2. Each case you discuss is worth 12.5 points.