Onflict management in expanding law firm

Due to growing complexity of organisations, increasing need to work in teams and use of group decision making, and globalisation, it is found that conflicts in companies occur more often today than a few decades ago. Investigate the root causes of conflict in a law firm and propose strategies to manage conflict effectively and turn conflicts into opportunities.

The suggested words and marks allocated for each part of reports are as follow:(100%)
a? Introduction ~ 150 words
Student needs to state the background of the organisation studies in this report and to give a reasonable ground on why and how the study may benefit the student as well as organisation;

a? Literature review ~ 900 words
Student will be expected to provide an in depth account of at least one key theory related to this study
a? Research and discussion ~ 1350 words
Students can do a mini research to substantiate any conclusion and recommendations provided. Or the students may choose to provide a logical account on how the theories are being applied in the actual circumstances in the selected organisation.

a? Conclusion and recommendation ~ 600 words
It needs to be supplied based on the theories discussed. In particular, such conclusion and recommendation needs to be practical and commercially sound.