Onflict Management (Practice Session CRITIQUE)


Practice Session



Decide upon a scenario to demonstrate appropriate conflict management skills. The scenario may be taken from your workplace contect or personal life. Record the practice session of approximately 20-25 minutes.
(Which I have already done, I can describe all my gestures & the words I have spoken to w/ a collegue & all the dialogue, all the writer do is to
Write a critique of the practice session highlighting a minimum of 4 key conflict manangement skills.

Practice Session must be submitted on a DVD, VHS Video Tape or Standard Audio TApe, ( which I already did) The session must commence with sudent name module, term and year & educator name (Dont worry I did it already.

Please include Client/Interviewee Consent Form(I did it already ).



*appropriate conflict management skills used. This must include appropriate assertiveness, listening skills, empathy & a win/win approach

*Emotions managed

*collatorative & assertive language modelled

*Broad range of skills successfully used

*appropriate skills for the presenting scenario used


*Skills used identified

*skills & approach used justified

*Factual overview of session provided

*Strengths in application of skills described

*Verbatim examples of strengths provided

*Areas for improvement described

*Verbatim examples of areas for improvement provided

*Plan for improving application of skills and theory justified

*Correct grammar & spelling used


all the writer do is make a critique of what I have done & I will describe all the things I have said & done. Thanks