Onflict managment among nursing professionals.

Professional communication with other health care providers (Chapter 23) Instructions I received. Informative Essay with a Thesis statement and three supporting paragraphs.
You will utilize information from your text book as a foundation for the paper, but the paper is not a summary of the text book. You are to analyze and interpret the information from the text book in your essay. You will provide appropriate citations for information gleaned from your readings, but a majority of the essay will be your thoughts. There is no need to research the topic in other resources. I wrote the paper. I got a 35 %
–My instructor gave me feedback. here it is :((( There are three big problems with this essay .I dont see a thesis therefore it is hard to know what to make of the rest of the essay. There are many APA errors and many quotes that could have been paraphrased. The essay is confusing and sloppy. )) She gave me a .pdf file with suggestions and corrections but I do not know how to proceed with out a corrected thesis. I am attempting to upload her corrected .pdf as well as my original.