Onflict of interest applied to a modern day journalism issue

Topical Essay -write a 6-page essay defining and/or describing conflict of interest, and giving a significant example from the news media.

The topic is: Conflict of interest

Structuring the topical essay
-Cover Page (with title) and Abstract
-Introduction/Statement of Purpose/Thesis statement
Example: In this essay I will describe the theory/concept of _________ and then illustrate it with an example from _______
-Presentation of theory or concept in this case conflict of interest.
-Application and example to a significant journalism issue of conflict of interest.
-reference page
All References must be of scholarly works

Added on 22.04.2015 07:35
Please let me know if the instruction are not sufficient. I will be happy to help. On that note thank you for your help!
Please do not count the abstract as a page I can provide that if need be.