Onflict Prevention, Development and Peacebuilding

This is a article reflection assignment, and the article is Peaceful Settlement of Disputes and Conflict Prevention by Mani (2007).

Please briefly summarise the main point of the article in 2-3 sentences ONLY, then devote the rest of response to critique of the article. These critiques include the key concepts learn or revisit from the article, parts of the authors argument that were most compelling, parts of argument that were weak or you disagree with, thoughts that the paper stimulate for you. Please comment in greater depth about UNs conflict prevention and peacebuilding mandate, exploring its capacities, mechanisms, personnel, tools, resources and examples of conflict prevention in practice.
In relation to the article, the discussion can also explore the relationship between conflict prevention and development in the context of an increasing focus on peacebuilding and the responsibility to prevent.

The only source of this assignment should only be the article itself.

As this assignment is an article reflection assignment, please use first person I and include sentences like I have learned that….”, The article has stimulated my thoughts of….”, etc.

The criteria for this assignment are as follow:
provision of accurate and concise summary of reading
creative or novel thinking about the topic issues of evolution and challenges of peacekeeping under examination supported by logic/reason/evidence or other academically accepted tools.
Integrating relevant information from outside the article provided the information manifestly helps support your argument, or what you have to say
Clarity of ideas and expressions