Onflict Research Perspectives: South Africa The Anglo-Boer war

1.You will be assigned to a conflict either from the list below (South Africa -the Anglo-Boer war), or from a list provided by your professor. Your assignment may or may not correspond with the region of the world that you are researching in other modules. However, if you are aware of a conflict internally within your assigned country, you may request that you be assigned to this conflict.
a.United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
b.Tutsis and Hutus (Darfur)
c.Sunni and Shiis (Iraq)
d.Israel and Palestine
e.North and South Korea
f.Chechnya and Russia
g.Jammu and Kashmir (India and Pakistan)
h.Basque and Spain
i.Another conflict chosen by your professor
2.Check the Global Resources to assist you for your research. It is an interactive website where you can view the conflicts globally as well as the event details. The username is BARRINGTON and the password is BRONCOS. Another resource for this assignment is Flashpoints
3.Your first step is to investigate the entire conflict, researching both sides of that conflict. You will also be assigned a particular Sideor faction of your assigned conflict which you must be ready to defend. Go to the Course Bulletin Board and post a 200to 300-word (up to 1 A? pages) defense of your Sideof your assigned conflict. The defense should include a brief summary of the main disagreement of the conflict and argument of what your faction represents and what you think your faction would desire as an outcome to the conflict. The answers should be placed in paragraph form and posted on the Bulletin Board. Supporting references should be included and at least three sources are required. Make sure that you appropriately cite external resources adhering to APA guidelines.

the website for the Anglo-Boer war is anglo-boer-war2.htm