Onflict resolution in a healthcare setting

Use this scenario  One of the problems that my rise in healthcare field is patient refusing to get an examination (example getting an ultrasound done to rule out deep vein thrombus (DVT) that could be an emergency situation leading to pulmonary embolism and death in a short period of time) done although it might be life threatening for him/her. In this case the patient might believe that his life is already over (no hope) and the health care professional feels responsible to treat and examine the patient in care . Identify the conflict. Use Wehrs Conflict Mapping Model in order to take you through the conflict with a clearer understanding of the conflict and what possible resolutions there might be. Use this as a map for conflict intervention and resolution. This must be in APA format. You must use this outline given below.
Please also include a refernce page with a minimum of 3 sources.
I. Summary description of your healthcare conflict.
II. Conflict HistoryThe origins and major events that led up to the conflict.
III. Conflict ContextThe setting of the conflict.
IV. Conflict PartiesPrimary, Secondary, and Interested Third Parties.
V. Issues-One or many, identify them all.
VI. Dynamics of the Conflict.
VII. Alternate Routes to Solutions of the ProblemWhat are your suggestions?
VIII. Conflict Regulation PotentialWhat are the limiting factors to your possible solutions?