Onflicting Reward Systems and Their Impact on Criminal Justice Administation.”

Discuss how conflicting reward systems hinder effective criminal justice administration.
Utilize the classic article by Steven Kerr, Rewarding A, While Hoping for B.
1. Start with a abstract.The abstract that you write at the beginning of your paper will be concise (not more than a few to several sentences) and will provide the reader with enough information to give a clear overview of the paper content and conclusion(s) drawn. There should be a clear division between where the abstract ends and the body or thesis of the paper begins; putting the abstract on a separate page
2. Use only scholarly and credible sources, and make sure that you give them credit.In text cite is a must.
3. Your writing should reflect careful thought and consideration.
4. Do not include your opinion.
5. Your paper must include proper grammar and punctuation.
6. Do not write in first or second person. This means that the words I”, We”, You”, Yourand Ourmust not appear in the papers. Professional writing is done in the third person, not in first or second person.