Onflicts between public interest and personal interest, which created by Human Rights Acts 1998 (Can the British Bill of Right handle the problem?)

Guidelines for the presentation
conflicts between article 8 and article 10
conflicts between article 9 and public interest
how to strike a balance between public interest and personal interest
can the British Bill of right deal with it?
You should ensure that your presentation
considers constitutional principles, case law, academic comment, statute, and
any other relevant evidence (such as parliamentary, governmental, or similar
*Some materials to help you to begin your research:
M. Amos, i??Problems with the Human Rights Act 1998 and How to Remedy Them: Is
a Bill of Rights the Answer?i?? (2009) 72(6) Modern Law Review 883-908
A. Lester, i??Human Rights and the British Constitutioni??, in J. Jowell and D. Oliver
(eds.), The Changing Constitution (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 7th edition 2011),
pp.70-101, also available electronically from the library
S.A.S. v France (43835/11) (2014) available at
Eweida and others v United Kingdom (2013) 57 EHRR 8
R (on the application of SB) v Denbigh High School Governors [2006] UKHL 15Axel Springer AG v Germany (2012) 55 EHRR 6
Terry v Persons Unknown [2010] EWHC 119 (QB)
Mosley v United Kingdom (2011) 53 EHRR 30
* please use the sources that I have given you and
reference to at LEAST 2 articles and 2 cases