Onflicts in the Middle East Final Essay Options

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Conflicts in the Middle East Final Essay Options
Answer one of the following prompts in four to five pages. For your sources, use legitimate websites (not Wikipedia), news agencies, journal articles and books. Only cite our lectures if you want to pull a specific piece of information from them (e.g. a statistic on how US sanctions on Iraq affected infant mortality); do not use them for general summary. The paper will be due early in finals week (specific due date/place TBA). Also, in writing your papers, be sure to make an argument rather than just give a broad description of what happened; give background/historical information only for the purpose of strengthening your thesis.
1. To what extent, if at all, was the Iranian Revolution a  revolution betrayed ? In your answer discuss both the short and long term political and social consequences of the Iranian Revolution.
2. Discuss the relevance of the term  blowback to either US policy towards Iran since 1953 or Afghanistan during the Soviet era. To what extent, if at all, has the US had a hand in creating its own  monster ?
3. Examine US foreign policy towards Saddam Hussein s Iraq. Did the US take the right approach from the Iran-Iraq War era up until the 2003 invasion? Does your knowledge of US-Iraqi relations pre-2003 affect how you interpret the 2003 invasion and its aftermath?
4. Analyze how the current Iraq War was conducted. To what extent, if at all, was the US responsible for creating a social, political and economic mess in Iraq? In answering, take inventory of important American invasion/occupation policies and their effect on both the US and Iraqis.
5. Look at US policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan since 11 September 2001. Why have they proven so problematic? Where should the US go from here in relation to them?
6. Topic of your choice. Send the subject you want to write about to Dan and Jiayi prior to the weekend before finals week.