Onflicts that exist between reducing shoplifting opportunities without compromising customer service.

Paper formatting requiremnets: papers must adhere to the following guidelines.

. Cover page(does not count toward page total): Inluce the title of the paper, your name, class title and date of submission

. Abstract This is a one page summary of your paper, similar to an Executive Summary
. Section–2 Summarize the main points of the two articles
Section 3-Compare and contrast the two articles. Do they reach the same conclusion? How are they alike?How do they differ? hOW DOES THE TEXT DEAL WITH THE TOPICS AS DISCUSSED IN THE ARTICLES? What conclusions are reached in the two articles?
sECTION 4–Conclusion-Based on your analysis of the articles and their conclusions and the text, DO YOU BELIEVE PATROL IS AN EFFECTIVE USE OF RESOURCES FOR POLICE DEPARTMENTS?