Onflit Resolution and Team Dynamics Unit 2

Direction for this project.

Using the information from your readings and our discussions, analyze the key elements of organizational behavior covered in this unit as they pertain to your selected organization.

Here is my selected organization:
I am a Barber and I work for a barbershop. Please answer the following questions like if you work in a barbershop as a barber. The barbershop is a small business that has about five other barbers and a general manager. Base on this information please answer the questions below.

Questions to answer are as follow:

1. Begin with a brief background of the company and its industry. (Barbershop is in Miami, FL. USA)

2.What are the types of groups that are common in your organization? Create recommendations for successful facilitation of the groups.

3.Describe some of the strengths and weaknesses that you have observed in group decision making. What are your recommendations for improving group decision making in your organization?

4.Discuss the types of teams found in your organization.

5.Describe and explain the goals of the team

6.Discuss potential decision-making pitfalls this team might encounter

Recommend methods this team might use to avoid decisionmaking problems.

Thank you!