Onfucian influence to Korean society : Social structures and Womens status in Yi Dynasty (Choson:1392-1910)

This is a research paper of Korean religion course in the East Asian Studies. (this is a 4th yr course)
This paper should include bibliography and footnote from the good source i.e. 2 or 3 books and 3or 4 articles or journals (not from internet info) and MLA style of writing. every titles of books ar other resourse ahould be underlined or italicized
Each pages include page numbers at the bottom or top of the page (and footnotes at the bottom).
Paper has to be written in size of 12pt and double spaced.

General ideas of the topic:
I like to analyse of Neo-Confucian aspects in Korea and how this religion affected to social structure in Yi dyansty(1392-1910) Korea also the Confucian aspects of Woman in that period.
Basically, there are 4 social classes which are Yangban, jung-in, pyung-min, chun-min existed in Yi dynasty and womens social status stayed lower than men.
please specify each classes occupation, social and political position, their interests, education, rituals and cultures
and include the how the women treated in that period.

If you can find resouce, thats good for me but if you cant find, theres some books to suggest:
James H. Grayson, Korea: A Religious History. Oxford, England: Clarendon Press. 2002.
Chan, Byung-kil. Religions of Korea (1978)
you can also add some newspaper articles or journals of this topic as well.
I need A+ research paper!! Please write for me the best!!Thank you.