Ong Kongas Approach to Financial Stability

Literature Review will involve review of a book or a Journal Article or a regulatory report or two media articles concerning money and banking, published in 2013 or later; or around 1930; submitting a copy of the literature, its summary and your learning(s) to TA. Words limit for summary and learning (s): 750.

There are three main points in the article I have attached. Firstly, the way to survive in the financial crisis even we cannot avoid it. Secondly, how to maintain a stable financial environment in Hong Kong. Lastly, macropruteneial regulation and the ways to avoid the housing bubble. For the first point, I hope the writer could explain much more on why we cannot develop a model to predict the crisis and what can different government organizations and individents do to avoid it. For the second point, give specific examples of different policies carried out from different departments to ensure the stability framework in hk. For the last point, brifely explain what is macropruteneial regulation and examples of the regulation to avoid the housing bubble. (e.g. special stamp duty). Please be sure that not only the summary should be included, but also the learnings from the article that I submitted.