Ongestive Heart Failure and how it progress

The paper needs to either describe the CURRENT (within the last five years) RESEARCH that is being done to investigate how a disease a?worksa? (ie. What is happening in the body to cause the signs and symptoms of the disease and why) or describe the CURRENT RESEARCH on the diagnosis, prevention, OR treatment of a particular disease. When describing the research you need to be specific as to how the research was done and what were the results. (For example: a?A double blind placebo study was performed with 150 participants to determine the effects of glucosamine on osteoarthritis. In this study, 50% of the participants that took 500 mg of glucosamine a day reported less pain and swelling than those that took the placebo.) The paper needs to have at least 5 references that are RESEARCH JOURNAL ARTICLES that describe 5 different studies. The research articles need to be primary sources (written by scientists that are doing the research and describing their results), NOT REVIEW ARTICLES (articles that may or may not be in scientific journal that summarize several studies). That is not to say that you cannot have any review articles as references, but they do not count as part of the 5 required references.