Ongestive Heart Failure and the benefits of exercise

Hello writer,
This paper needs to be atleast 5 pages of writing, and the number of sources is not really a factor, aslong as the sources are reliable and consistant (APA format).
The paper itself needs to talk mainly about congestive heart failure.. so i would start with the ins and outs of that. Then the paper should make its way over to how exercise, in general, would effect (or be used) patients with congestive heart failure. After that, the paper should fully turn over to the effects of exercise on patients with congestive heart failure; more specifically comparing and contrasting the effects of resistance exercise vs. aerobic exercise in patients with congestive heart failure. Here I would look at the physiological changes with both types of exercise (on patients with congestive heart failure), and refer to research looking at both sides of this topic of resistance training and cardiac rehabilitation in patients with congestive heart failure.
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