Ongressional Consideration of New Deal Legislation

What i want u to do write a 9 page paper only, i am going give you the first 2 pages and i want you to finish it from this. So if i need to forward something to my writer i need to know right away.

what follows are the instructions per the whole assignment:
include these items,
-title page
-table of contents
-the text: Divided by headings and sub headings. The first section of the text should be and introduction that identifies the question examined and summarizes the conclusion you have reached about that question. the Body of the text should contain the argument for the conclusion that you have reached. The final part of the paper should be a statement of the conclusion, along with any questions that remain to be analyzed further.

the paper should have at least 8 sources (original documents or scholarly sources)and should have at least 30 footnotes