Ongressional Decision-Making vs. Presidential Decision-Making

Write an essay containing an introduction, analysis and conclusion. The essay must be in proper APA format with proper in-text citations and a reference page. The essay must be at least 4 pages in length, but no greater than 5 pages, excluding title page, works cited page(s), and appendices. Paper needs to be APA compliant with no typographical/grammatical mistakes.

Compare and contrast congressional decision-making with presidential decision-making. What are the defining characteristics of each kind of decision-making? What challenges do each face? Does one style of decision-making work better than the others in each, or do they all work equally well? Why? Is decision-making a smoother process in one as compared to the other? If so, which one and why? Finally, do you think that either Congressional or presidential decision-making produces better outcomes, or do they both produce equally good (or bad) outcomes? Why?

Must be 4 pages of written body, do not count the title, abstract, or reference pages in these four pages.