Ongressional Oversight & Strategic Intelligence

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Part 1
Please complete the following in 250 words.
Discuss the issues facing Congress when providing oversight of strategic covert action programs while at the same time being a consumer/user and owning the budget for strategic intelligence analysis and production. Does oversight work as it exists? Is there much scrutiny of strategic intelligence efforts? If so, what works and what doesnt.
Do you feel the system, overall, is satisfactory? If so, why–if not why not?
These two readings provide different views into the purpose, problems, and potential of oversight. Many observers, mostly those unfamiliar with the IC, are particularly critical of Congressional oversight, as if it were an inherent evil. Nothing could be further from the truth. ALL executive branch organizations have oversight functions in Congress and the purpose of this is to ensure that the actions, authorizations, policy, and products are adequately serving the users of intelligence information. Without oversight there would be no ODNI, no IRTPA, and no method of evaluating whether the IC is efficient and effective.

Part 2:

Separately I need you to create 2 new questions based on the provided reading and topic from part 1 and give an answer to these question. Answer should be a minimum of 150 words each and include direct questions.